I was thinking about the ubiquity of selfies the other day. When I go places, I tend to take pictures of things and people that I want to remember. I've never understood why I needed to be in the picture at all. However, in the age of social media, these pictures aren't just for memories. It's moved from a sort of… » 3/29/15 2:45pm 3/29/15 2:45pm

That was an awful post. Let's pretend we live in a utopia where everyone can make a capital outlay of $20 to buy a weather radio (Spoiler alert: We have to pretend this because there are more people than you think for whom that means deciding whether to eat for a few days or whether to buy a fricking noisy chunk of… » 3/21/15 11:47am 3/21/15 11:47am

I always had better luck saying that I was a practicing Catholic (even though I wasn't.) They seem to think engaging in Popery is just too great of a black mark on your soul and possibly contagious. » 3/11/15 3:42pm 3/11/15 3:42pm

Here's my theory: It's white and gold (obviously), but because of the lighting and the coloring, it can appear to be blue and black. The picture is backlit, which tricks our brains into seeing the dress as darker than it actually should be. The pale blue tint in the fabric is either naturally like that or (more… » 2/26/15 10:30pm 2/26/15 10:30pm

And what a lot of people are missing? This is her JOB. If you look at her tumbler, she makes gifs for paying clients. He stole something that had monetary value and used it for self-promotion, which has a crapload of monetary value to him. She's done work for Nordstrom and BBC. In other words, even shrugging it off… » 2/11/15 10:08pm 2/11/15 10:08pm

That's my understanding, too. It's why there's usually at least a phone posted near the road. In an emergency, they can call the proper authorities/get help. There's also generally at least one car in a community and at least one man who knows how to drive it for pretty much the same reason. They don't reject modern… » 1/06/15 1:57pm 1/06/15 1:57pm

I'm wondering, can this be considered subornation of perjury? That's at minimum grounds for disbarrment, and possibly fines and jail. That joker had to know she was lying through her teeth and still allowed her to testify. » 12/16/14 1:29pm 12/16/14 1:29pm

Yes, it is unfortunate. However, a friend is currently losing her dad to prostate cancer that has metastasized, and my own father is a survivor. The big difference between the two cases is one got screened and the other didn't until it was too late. » 12/15/14 2:00pm 12/15/14 2:00pm

I second the Urban Decay recommendation. It has nice staying power. However, I love, love, love Lancome's Artliner eyeliner. Head to Sephora or Ulta, or your local department store and swatch both of them and wear it around on your hand for a few hours. » 11/23/14 7:44pm 11/23/14 7:44pm

I had a longer comment along these same lines: that it's not really the US "foisting" its issues on other cultures when it's Native Americans, who have had to fight genocide —which I think is an appropriate term for what happened first under colonial rule and then under the U.S. government — asking for just a shred of… » 10/17/14 10:31pm 10/17/14 10:31pm

I love book jacket design! Thank you for sharing this. It's funny, I saw the slide of Mendelsund's Crime and Punishment cover and immediately recognized the graphic style of the new Camus covers. Yet, he's much more versatile than hyper-stylized black and white images. He's got quite a creative range. » 10/16/14 3:23pm 10/16/14 3:23pm

You are correct on Philip II as Alexander's father, but you have the rest a little muddled (although on the right track!) Philip II arranged for Aristotle to tutor Alexander for a few years. Archimedes was born roughly 50 years after Aristotle died, however, so the two never met. (There are so many names that begin… » 10/10/14 5:15pm 10/10/14 5:15pm